Bible verse demonstrates there was an ‘Apostle of Cool’ in the Bible.

Posted: October 6, 2013 in Christianity, Satire
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rockstarCHARM CITY  – In a bid to start a new reality show, a television station recently asked church goers for views and opinions on what they would like to watch. The trendy churches that always have a pulse on latest culture trends and fads decided that they would like to get a show that follows the smartest dressed, richest and most suave pastors.

A number of pastors immediately threw their hats into the ring. Egged on by excited church members the list of participants grew longer than the producers had anticipated.

“I think I have more celebrities coming to my church than any one in this city,” boasted one pastor with a spiky pink and green haircut known for his rock concert like  church services.

“I am the only one who was invited to Hollywood’s red carpet this year,” added a lady pastor, “and in fairness to gender equality I am the one!”

Another pastor with well ripped muscles and tight fitting vest reminded them all of how organic and green his church was, “y’all don’t recycle!”

On and on the pastors tried to prove who was better, smarter and more cool than the rest.

The phone lines kept the producers busy with different ideas of what the public would like to see.

The last call of the day came from an elderly man, a pastor none the less who had stayed away from the show.

“Well, I think one person in the Bible who reminds me exactly of what you people are doing is Alexander the copper smith in 2 Timothy 4:14. In this man as Apostle Paul mentioned was exhibited a shocking instance of apostasy. He seemed to have made profession of some zeal in advancing the reign of Christ, however this same man when given time demonstrated contempt for the gospel and the church. No class of enemies is more dangerous than apostates like you! No class of false Christians is more envenomed than these, yet here you are just behaving as such and glorifying earthly materialism!”

Some of the pastors immediately realized their folly and decided ‘Apostle of Cool’ was a no brainer and an oxymoron. They repentantly pulled out. The producers are said to have cancelled the show citing technical difficulties.

One visibly shaken pastor said, “It is not hard to deceive ministers, relatives and friends. A little decent outward profession will often go a long way. But it is impossible to deceive Christ.”

The Floating Axehead has heard from unreliable sources that a new show may begin in another part of the world with the same materialistic theme titled ‘The Cool Preachers of L.A’.



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