Town adopts flags for pedestrians who do not want to hear the gospel.

Posted: September 26, 2013 in Christianity, Satire
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pedestrian flags

LITTLEVILLE – A mayor who recently had many complaints from pedestrians that Christian street preachers were making them feel uncomfortable with their messages has come up with a novel idea. A flag system is being trialled for the next couple of months. A pedestrian waving a yellow flag while walking through the town square will immediately prompt any street preacher to stop preaching or reading aloud any Bible verses until the pedestrian is out of ear shot.

“Ah, I like the idea,” said Doug who tried out the new flag system, “these days I go home and sleep without my conscience bothering me. Those street preachers usually leave me and my partner with our consciences very stirred with their messages.”

“True,” retorted another pedestrian, “I don’t like those messages on sin. Even in our churches our pastors respect our feelings and don’t touch on such sensitive subjects.”

Although the flag system is only being trialled in one town, The Floating Axehead has received reports that more towns may adopt similar stances. The village Atheist however was not satisfied, “Some times I forget my flag at home. Maybe the preachers can help us by  carrying a bell and keep ringing from afar while giving warning shouts of ‘Here comes the gospel, run if you don’t want to hear it!’ “


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