Major denomination gets majority vote to kick out ‘Lord’s Supper’

Posted: September 21, 2013 in Christianity, News, Satire
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lords supperCAMBRIDGE – In a decision that is sure to stun many Christian believers, a major denomination has just held a debate and voted overwhelmingly in favor of scraping Communion or the Lord’s supper. Many had expected a heated debate but the matter was concluded in a matter of minutes when the motion was supported by the majority.

A group of Elders, pastors and Bishops were seen hugging and slapping each other on the back. The momentous occasion has come as a result of critical questioning of Christian practice.

“These are modern times and the church has got to move with the times or get left behind just ‘breaking bread’,” explained an excited pastor.

“We are proposing annual summer park themed barbecues where churches can invite people from the community to come and join in for food, fun and games. These activities will boost the image of the church and promote social relevance and diversity,” added a Bishop from a metropolitan suburb.

The roll out program will indeed affect many churches and has been received with approval on both sides of the Pacific. Some say it goes against the basic tenants of Christian biblical worship and practice.

The Floating Axehead noticed a couple of dissenting voices were summarily bundled out through side doors and may surely be disinvited for the next debate  ‘Should men be allowed to be pastors?’.

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